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Buy danglers earrings online

Earrings is one such ornament which women can’t ignore, it gives ethnic attire. As trend changes, ornaments also get changes. Now, it is time for danglers and drops earrings and jhumka earrings.

Drop and Long Earing

Drop and long earrings are ornament which actually drops right below the earlobes and dangle earrings are ones which swing from one side to another. Sometimes, danglers are confused with drops. They are elegant and stylish and there is no regretion after buying them. They are fancier than other earrings which can be carried in all the occasions’ especially Indian festivals.


Jhumka is a type of earring and comes in various varieties such as terra cotta jhumkas, lotus shaped jhumkas, jaipuri style jhumkas, antique style jhumka, stone work jhumka, bug guild jhumkas, long ear jhumkas.

Morusonline – bye online danglers

Earring is the best way to flaunt your outfits. It adds good impression on whole look and adds volume to their face. Morusonline gives a platform where we can do jhumka earrings online shopping and buy danglers earrings online. It gives a huge variety in earrings.

  • Popular colours
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • Turquoise
  • Grey
  • Multicolour

Ear cuffs : a little bit of spark in personality

We present attractive party wear jewellery, a pair of ear cuffs for all women. It is classy, fancy, funky and cool looking jewellery for girls and women. Ear cuffs are worn all over the ear; these are designed in every aspect. It covers the ear and showcases a beautiful piece of art on your ear.

One can be too selective in buying pretty cuffs so we have come with the large range and variety of ear cuff design in our stores. These are heart throbbing and are beautifully carved designed artistic pair of earrings for every occasion. Everyone wants to look better then why not to say yes to cuffs.

Ear cuffs earrings are a great difference when a normal person puts it in her ear. It makes a lady glamorous, hot, party-ready and so attractive in front of all.

Cuffs look offers you multiple benefits:
  • 1. Royal, classy elegant and beautiful look to girls and women.
  • 2. Cover ear with safety and security, no worry about falling.
  • 3. A strong influence on others about personality.
  • 4. Different types and designs can be purchased according to the ease of females.
  • 5. In the budget for every fashionable girl/women.

Earring a shining sensation for all the beautiful ladies

The most beautiful thing a woman showcase is her jewellery. Earrings are one of the loveliest and eye-catching accessories a woman carries. There are many types of earrings we have:

Gold Plated Designer Hoop Earrings:

Hoop earrings are the ring-shaped pair of earrings that has a piercing on one side for ears. These are affordable and easy to wear.

Morusonline presents hoop type of earrings. The fashionable, elegant, beautiful and glamorous earrings are available in our online store. Hoop earrings gold plated places a unique aroma when worn by the person. Moon drop earrings or Chand Bali is one form of the earring of this type which defines the beauty of a lady. These earrings can be made up of beads of Polki, Kundan, American diamond and it can be a pair of gold plated earrings.

We keep an of an ay beautiful collection of pairs of various hoop earrings designs. These are suitable for all age types from teenager to adults; everyone can showcase their gorgeous looks with these earrings. Gold plated jewellery is provided with hallmarks and standardized gold.

These earrings are available in various designs and shapes such as pearl, butterfly, dangles etc. Hoops can be used on any occasion from small to small to large and grand.

Benefits of attractive hoops
  • 1. Easy to put
  • 2. Simple but classy
  • 3. Light to heavy as per choices
  • 4. Elegant look
  • 5. Suitable for every age group
  • 6. Hallmark and standardized gold jewellery

Bridal jhumkas are the best

When it comes to bridal jewellery, there should be perfect dress, footwear’s and of course the jewellery and the accessories. However, choosing the right bridal jhumkas are very important task. Kashmiri jhumka and tanishq earrings are the best choices of earrings.

Bridal jhumkas

Bridal jhumkas are jhumkas with heavy work of pearls, beads, etc. Nowadays, there are many sites where we can do bridal jhumkas online shopping.

Kashmiri jhumka

Kashmiri jhumka earrings are earrings with jhumka in the front and string on the other side.


Tanishq earrings are earrings in pure gold, silver, platinum and diamond material.

Morusonline- best online store

Women get the most elegant and beautiful collections of bridal jhumkas on morusonline. The Indian bridal jhumkas are classy and most expensive as well. Kashmiri jhumka earrings online shopping is the prettiest option given. It has wide range of designs, colours, and shapes of jhumkas and earrings. Women can buy tanishq earrings online on this site. It also gives exchange or refund services if there is some defect or item received is different from picture. The product will get exchange only within 7 days of delivery. It also provides fast delivery option.

Studs: always a preferred one

Studs jewellery comes with small size but beautiful shapes and stylish looks. These can be in gold, silver and artificial studs are no less, their beautiful designed are heart-melting. Studs are preferred by most of the females. These are easy to carry and handle. Can be kept safely with oneself easily.

Studs are used at various places according to western culture such as eyebrows, lips, chin, naval. Where ears and nose studs are common in Indian culture. Indian culture means Nose stud jewellery means a lot for married ladies as one of the "solah shringars". It is incomparable and undefined beauty which cannot replace with anything else. Nose pin or nose ring is an addition to the girl's glamour.

Today's generation is more creative hence keep trying something new trends, fashion and glamorous looks. Teenagers and young girls opt for studs to look cool. Here we present designer and stylish nose studs for every other girl.

Stud designs are presented in pearl, stone, Kundan, diamond, gold and silver all and are sold in morusonline.

Studs: tiny but beneficial
  • 1. Small in size
  • 2. Easy to carry and handle
  • 3. Looks classy and beautiful
  • 4. Enhance personality and Creative looks
  • 5. Available in stylish, designer and fashionable styles

Silk Saree will give you a Royal Look

Bhagalpuri silk saree, clothing of the ethnic root is loved and valued by ladies of the orient. Sarees are viewed as a vital piece of their ethos and personalities, as they accept that nothing can complement their womanliness as the 9 yards can. The procedure of turning and weaving silk Sarees in Bhagalpur, a city situated on the banks of Ganges has a rich history of many years. Gifted specialists utilize their authority to weave Bhagalpuri silks that ooze an ideal mix of looks and strength. The city of Bhagalpur is as of now presented with more than 32 thousand talented experts and 27 thousand weavers, makes it one of the prime urban areas that produce premium quality silk Sarees in India. This silk is known as Bhagalpuri silk dress material.

Bhagalpur is the origin city of Bhagalpuri saree. These are woven from the silk strings of an exceptional kind of casing, called the tusser covers. Bhagalpuri Sarees have many specialties some are here:

  • Bhagalpuri silk Sarees have a specific sort of surface that looks advanced and extravagant.
  • Bhagalpuri silks are produced using one of the best silk strings in India.
  • These silks are regularly not pretentious, they have a shortsighted and essential appeal in them that look straightforward and tasteful.
  • The plans that are printed or woven on the Bhagalpuri silks discusses the brilliant time of the Moghul period when craftsmanships were adored and excellence was commended

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